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____&//i suffered a paradigm attack;;

Bang, bang, baby.

I dot my i's and j's with x's. Secretly, I get excited when I get to write g's and z's. I make hearts in one motion.

I like playing pool and eating crackers. (The Club ones.) The only time I'll voluntarily run is when it's pouring.
I can't help but smile when I hear "Landslide."
I'm obsessed with the musical Wicked. I haven't seen it.
There's something intensely attractive about insomniacs and lefties.
I reallyreally dig that eyebrow thing. (I'm so articulate, I know.)

Don't expect me to wear shoes. Ever.

credit where credit is rightly deserved:
the image on my layout is by rob dobi. his work is simply amazing and he is on my list of personal heroes. ♥

.: Stephen Anthony Berard :.
My best friend, my mùirn beatha dàn, my brother,
You will forever be in my heart.
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